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Köpek Sallayarak Pençe

About Us

Ever since I was a child, my heart has been overflowing with boundless affection for animals. Regrettably, my demanding professional life initially prevented me from taking on the responsibility of caring for someone. Little did I know then that, despite being unable to provide ideal circumstances, offering them a home outweighs the hardships of life on the streets, in the wilderness, or within a shelter. 

In 2002, a profound journey began one weekend in Eminönü. There, I discovered a small box near a trash bin emitting heart-wrenching cries. Upon opening it, I found a frail, sickly boxer pup, barely two months old. In that instant, our souls connected, and he became my heart, my dear Soda.

Shortly after Soda's arrival, one evening, a pregnant cat graced my doorstep. I couldn't resist offering her refugee within my home. Two days later, she bestowed us with a litter of exquisite kittens, and together, we nurtured these beautiful souls. I diligently sought loving homes for them, ensuring none found themselves on the streets. Soda even adopted one of them, whom we named Limon.

These two newfound companions ignited an unwavering passion within me for the well-being of animals. My life's purpose began to evolve, and my priorities shifted. I ventured into feeding, treating, and adopting distressed animals found on the streets or in the forest, becoming deeply immersed in this calling.

Ultimately, I thought, "If I can provide such devoted care and derive immense joy from it, why not open a pet hotel? So, in 2009, I established PetChalet in Cihangir, motivated by the following:

For years, I struggled to find a boarding place where I could entrust my beloved pets. Each parting left me with a heavy heart, and even friends proved unreliable. At that time in Istanbul, the only options available were kennels far from the city, a stark contrast to the warmth of home. Thus, I decided to create a sanctuary in the heart of the city. Even in the owner's absence, a friend could easily visit and ensure their well-being. Transparency was key - no cages, an environment that mirrored home life, and constant vigilance. We may not have a 1000 m2 plot  of land, 5 separate green play areas, or suite rooms, but we do have a two-story detached house, a small garden, our regular walks, chairs, cushions, and beds, and our organic cleaning supplies not to mention plenty of belly rubs and ear scratches. They compete for spots when sitting or lying down. Most importantly, they stay right by our side, and if we don't go out, they won't even go into the garden. When you're not around, any of your friends can easily come and check on them. We sleep at night, and our cleaning is never done before 11 am. I want to make that clear in advance :-)

To everyone who loves animals like their own children, lots of love...

Özlem EMİR | PETCHALET Cat and Dog Boarding

PetChalet Pet Otel Kurucu

Working Hours / Open: 8:00- 21:00

Please contact us to book for a free one-day complimentary boarding trial.


Check-in time: 09:00

Check-out time: 21:00

Nursery / Boarding

Please book in advance.

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